Five Upgrades For Your Car That Are Actually Worth It


If you've had that car a few months or even a couple of years, you start to think about how much more you'd like it and keep it longer if you just tweaked it a little here and there. And then before you know it, you've blown a bundle on custom everything and come to the realization that you'll have to keep the car forever because nobody else will appreciate your three-toned leather seats with fake fur headrests. Here are five upgrades you can make without breaking the bank and maybe not lose so much when you do decide to sell.


Cliche but true, everything rides on the tires. You'll never lose money by replacing the standard factory tires with a high-performance premium brand instead. They'll stick to the road surface so much better, and that will improve the overall handling of the car. All-weather tires are probably your best bet unless you live in the desert.

Navigation System

Lots of cars today come with on-board navigation, which is great until a new road is built. A stick-on-the-windshield GPS is an extremely popular option as it updates constantly as well as providing Bluetooth for your phone. In some states, including California, a hands-free device is required for smartphones and this solves that problem for you as well.


If your car came with cloth upholstery and you're thinking of keeping it awhile, spring for replacement leather.

You can pick out a color you love, and if you're so inclined, gussy it up a bit with contrasting trim. It's a little more luxurious than cloth, and doesn't stain or retain odors. You will need to maintain it a bit and be prepared to feel temperature extremes with leather.


Upgrade your old CD/cassette radio to a new system with an MP3 input and you'll never regret it. DVD players aren't quite the thing they were before everybody could watch their own thing on their smartphones, but if you have little kids, a backseat DVD player with wireless headphones might save your sanity. Talk to a company like Sun Valley Stereo to learn more about the latest sound system options.

Alarm System

All of these upgrades won't mean anything to you if your car gets stolen. Take measures to prevent that, such as installing an alarm system in your car, and be sure that you alarm it every time you leave the car. While you're at it, lock your doors and keep your keys with you.

Tune Up

This is the simplest and least expensive upgrade that, except for tires, will make your car handle better and last longer. Clean or replace spark plugs, valves, vacuum lines, air filters, and sensors. Change the oil. Bleed the brake and clutch lines. This basic maintenance will give you the absolute best bang for your automotive buck.

These few upgrades will really change your experience with your car, make it perform better, and keep it safe. 


8 September 2015

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