How to Get Your Child to Love Piano Lessons


Regardless of whether your child wants to take piano lessons or if you simply want to make sure that they develop the ability to read music before your child chooses an instrument in elementary school, there's a good chance that your child is going to eventually reach a point where he or she does not want to practice anymore for lessons. This is a critical point in the learning process because it means that your child is frustrated and is going to need to work through that frustration in order to get better. Here are some tips for keeping your child motivated an helping ensure that he or she loves piano lessons.

1. Buy Extra Music

Take your child to the music store with you and show him or her all of the sheet music that is available. Take a sample of the music that your child is currently working on in order to make sure that you get the right difficulty of sheet music. Then, allow your child to pick one or two pieces of music that he or she would like to play. These pieces of music could be show tunes, songs from his or her favorite movie, or simply songs that he or she thinks look cool. Have your child take this music to his or her instructor and learn that song for a little while.

Commit to purchasing your child new music at a set time, such as whenever he or she finishes a theory workbook or moves onto another level of playing.

2. Go to Concerts

Another way to keep your child interested and enthusiastic about piano lessons is to take him or her to concerts. There are concerts that are specifically designed for children that introduce them to different instruments, play music that they would enjoy, and are short enough to hold their attention span. Otherwise, find a selection of piano-centric concerts and allow your child to choose from the different options. Doing so will show your child what he or she could eventually do with the piano.

3. Learn With Them

Finally, consider taking some piano lessons yourself. This will allow your child to see that you think that the endeavor is worthwhile enough for you to participate and will therefore see piano lessons as worthwhile too.

For more information, talk to your child's piano teacher about ways to make piano lessons more exciting for them.


14 September 2015

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