Think Music Videos Are Outdated? They Can Still Help Your R&B Band Succeed


Your R&B band has a great sound, amazing instrumentation, and a singer who should be the next big thing. However, you haven't made a music video yet because you think that they're outdated and uninteresting. This perception is very wrong as many bands breakthrough with one great video. Here's what you need to consider.

Why Music Videos Matter

Although music television channels are mostly a thing of the past in most areas, artists still make videos and put them on many streaming sites. And fans flock to these sites to get free access to the song and to check out great new bands. And if you're smart, you can use your video to be even more successful.

For example, a great R&B music video shows your singer—who is the center of the group—in an attractive and alluring light. As much of R&B music is all about sexual energy and soulful singing, a good video lets potential fans see the singer and really connect with their image.

Even better, a video showcases not only the singer but the whole group in a way that immediately raises their image. A video that makes a group seem exciting and talented will capture the imagination of viewers and catapult the group to a higher level of success. But only if the video is good.

How to Make a Great Video

A good R&B video should vary depending on the type of song. For example, a fast-paced track with funky beats should have a similarly-paced video that uses images of partying or celebration. Make sure, though, that the lyrical content matches the imagery in a reasonable way.

For example, if the song is about how great a girl makes the singer feel, try to integrate images of the singer with the girl to showcase their excitement. If the track is more political or serious, though, integrate images that help to illuminate the meaning to the track.

And if the track is a slow and sexy song, you should try to frame the singer as the main source of attention throughout. As with fast songs, you need to make the images of the video follow the song. So, if they're singing about seduction, integrate light sexual images to capture the imagination.

These simple tricks will help your R&B video stand out and potentially make your artist a breakout professional in the years to come. Make sure that you approve all of these video decisions with the artist, first, to ensure that they get the last say on everything that you show. For more information, contact companies like Evan Michael Green.


30 July 2019

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