3 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Streaming Radio


Listening to the radio in the car on the way to work can be frustrating. If it's playing music you like, great! But if not, it can make a lousy commute even worse. Why settle for local radio stations when you have the opportunity to stream the radio instead? Here are three benefits you'll enjoy if you make the switch.

More Stations and Variety

Music radio streaming services typically have hundreds - if not more - of stations you can listen to. These stations are based all over the planet, ensuring that you're likely to find a station with music you enjoy. The variety is remarkable, too, as streaming radio obviously doesn't want too much overlap with their stations. If you like a subset of a music genre, chances are you can find it on streaming radio services. It's a far cry better than bouncing around from only a couple local stations that you can tolerate.

Better Audio Quality

Radio quality hasn't changed much over the years. While FM sounds better than AM, it's still nowhere near the audio fidelity you'd receive if you were listening to something like an MP3 or CD recording.

Streaming radio stations have the advantage of being able to use the internet or satellite stream to transmit data. They can send through way more information in a single second than a standard radio station could, allowing them to increase the bitrate on the music significantly. This results in a better sound quality that could be easily mistaken for listening to a CD.

Little to No Ads

Streaming radio services often don't have ads at all, or very limited ones. It's ultimately up to each individual channel, but these services know how annoying it can be to be stuck in traffic with ads blaring through the radio. As a result, most of them refrain from using ads. Instead, they typically have a small subscription fee to listen to the service. It's not a lot to ask for peace from commercials and good high-quality music to listen to.

If you're sick and tired of listening to the local radio stations and don't want to fumble around to try and play music off your phone, then streaming radio might be the solution you need. Consider signing up for a streaming music service and discover how much better the experience is. You won't want to ever go back to standard radio service.


10 October 2019

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