Want To Be The Next Star? 3 Reasons To Hire A Country Music Songwriter


When you love to sing and country music speaks to your soul, you might be trying to come up with the next great love song. However, before you can become a big star, you will need your own music, recordings, and persona, which is why hiring a country music songwriter can come in handy. Here are three reasons to hire a country music songwriter, and why you won't regret the investment. 

1. Find A Great Song Quickly

Whether you are struggling with the melody or simply can't seem to write a catchy chorus, consider working with a songwriter. Professional songwriters typically have formal music training, and understand how to put together a great song, even when your creativity stalls. Oftentimes, professional songwriters even have a catalogue of previously unused recordings, which can make it easy to find a song to make your own.

2. Avoid Plagiarism

When you are breaking into the music market, the last thing you want to deal with is an infringement copyright lawsuit filed by another artist. You could be dragged through a lengthy court battle or left to struggle with steep legal fees, which is never a good way to start a career. Fortunately, by working with a professional, you can find original scores that are already proven to be plagiarism free. 

Additionally, since it is possible to self-plagiarize, working with someone to develop fresh, brand-new songs with your own spin on them is a great way to protect yourself. 

3. Work With Professionals 

Professional musicians are easy to work with, especially if you are used to playing songs with your friends in your garage. Professionals have routines for getting songs together, such as writing the introduction, developing the chorus, and adding in riffs and singing solos to make it interesting and enjoyable. By working with professionals, you can enjoy the process of creating your own music, which can make all the difference in the world.

Before you choose professionals to work with, evaluate their career, who they have worked with in the past, and what other people say about them in online reviews. 

Remember, while you may be excited to write a song and hopeful that it will take off right away, many people wait years for their big break, so be patient with yourself. Think carefully about your singing and songwriting abilities, how you want to move forward, and what you can do to make yourself look different from other artists in your local market.  


16 July 2020

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