5 Must-Have Pieces of Music Equipment for Your Home Studio


If you love music and want to start recording your own, you will need is a recording studio. With the right music equipment, you can have a recording studio right inside your home. If you're not sure where to start, here are five must-have pieces of music equipment for your home studio.

1. Musical Instruments

Many people who record their own music play a musical instrument. An instrument can help you stay on-key as you sing, plus it makes the song sound better. Most musicians prefer to play the keyboard or a guitar while they are recording their own music.

These instruments are played by hand while someone sings along. Other musical instruments to play while singing includes the drums, tambourine, autoharp, and ukulele.

2. Computer

These days, almost all recording is done digitally. This means you'll need to have a computer to record your music. When buying your computer for recording, you'll need to decide what brand you prefer, along with the type of computer. Many musicians prefer a laptop so they can take their music with them wherever they go, while others prefer a desktop. Along with a computer, you'll also need software that will enable to you mix, record, and edit your music.

3. Audio Interface

If you are using a computer and a musical instrument to record your music, you'll also need an audio interface. An audio interface allows you to send music to the computer while recording as well as send music out of the computer during playback.

Audio interface will also help you produce better sound quality. Audio interface comes with various features including digital conversion, mic preamps, a DI box, and headphone amps.

4. Microphone and Headphones

While a microphone seems like a basic piece of music equipment, there are many things to consider when finding the perfect one. Microphones are either condenser mics or dynamic mics. There are also different subcategories of microphones, which include large or small diaphragm condenser mics, bass mics, ribbon mics, USB mics, and boundary mics. Along with the perfect microphone, you'll also need a good set of closed-back headphones for recording tracks and open back headphones for mixing.

5. Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are another piece of music equipment your home studio can't go without. Studio monitors help to keep your frequencies flat while recording and help produce a cleaner sound for mixing. It's important to note that studio monitors are not the same as home stereo speakers, which are meant to boost audio levels.

Learn more about these and other must-haves by contacting music equipment companies. 


21 September 2020

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