4 Reasons To Pursue Learning To Play The Violin In Your Senior Years


Have you always dreamed of taking violin lessons and learning to play the violin, but life just seemed to get in the way? Being busy with work and family responsibilities can distract you from pursuing your dreams. Fortunately, it is never too late to sign up for violin lessons, and seniors may have several advantages over younger learners.

You have more time

Worrying about work responsibilities and raising a family can make it difficult to focus on playing the violin. Seniors who are retired and empty nesters have the benefit of extra time to dedicate to learning a new skill, taking lessons, and practicing. Not having as many responsibilities to worry about can give you a huge advantage over younger, aspiring violinists who are juggling work and family needs.

You are responsible

Being a seasoned adult means you have a lifetime of learning behind you and know the importance of caring for an instrument. The violin will not require a lot of maintenance, but it is still important to keep your violin and bow in the best shape possible. It is less likely that you will need a reminder to keep your violin and bow protected from dust and excessive humidity than a child or younger person may.  

You are committed

Finding yourself in a later season of life can fuel of sense of commitment to pursuing your dreams. A younger person may be less committed because they feel they can put off learning a new skill until later. Being a senior makes you more aware of the fact that you need to do the things you want now because you realize how quickly time passes and how limited it is.

You know the value of persistence

As a senior, you already know the value of hard work and that never giving up is one of the keys to success in anything you pursue. You are more likely to persist with your goal of learning to play the violin and following through with violin lessons. Even when it gets difficult, you will know from experience not to give up but to press on towards your goals.

There is no age limit to pursuing your dream of learning to play the violin. Pursuing a new hobby is a great confidence builder at any age but can be even more important in your senior years. Learning to play the violin can be a great stress reliever and will give you something to look forward to each day as you work to perfect your skills.


11 October 2021

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