Preparations For A Live Event That Will Feature A Singer


Singers for hire encompass a wide range of performers who may provide vocalist services or vocalist services with musical instrument accompaniments. Upon selecting a performer for an upcoming event, an event coordinator should outline the services that they are seeking and ensure that the venue where the event is being hosted is well-equipped to support the musical performance. 

Song List And Program Details

A singer may feature original content and recreations of some mainstream songs. A proposed song list is one of the first parts of the event planning that should be addressed. The number of sets that a singer will be responsible for performing and the manner in which the singer will be used during an event may reflect upon the number of musical selections and song types that are chosen.

If a singer will be the main act, they may have a standard playlist that they typically use for featured acts. If a singer will be providing background music or will be performing during several short sessions that will be featured throughout an event, a few songs can be selected for each performance.

If any mainstream songs will be sought for a performance, a singer may need a copy of the music and some time to practice each track. The program details that a coordinator has prepared for an event should be furnished to a singer who has been hired. 

Venue Preparations

A singer may or may not have access to the equipment that is needed to execute a live performance. Microphones, speakers, and other audiovisual equipment will need to be set up in advance. A coordinator will need to go over the preparation stages with the person they are hiring. If a performer will not be able to fulfill the audiovisual requirements, a coordinator should consult with the venue owner. Some venues may provide all of the staging equipment needed for a live performance. If not, the equipment can be rented for the event.

If the musical performer will be setting up their personal equipment or will need to practice, arrangements should be made to have the venue owner meet with the performer. All of the preliminary steps needed to execute a live performance should be outlined in the contractual agreement between the event coordinator, the venue owner, and the hired singer.

Contact a local musician to learn more about their work and see if they perform as a singer for events.


8 September 2022

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