3 Things Every Budding Record Producer Needs


While bands and singer-songwriters may be internationally famous and beloved by fans, they are all supported by a team of talented people behind the scenes who turn creative visions into reality. Among the most important of these people is the record producer, who acts much like a director does on a feature film. They have many, varied responsibilities which can include overseeing the audio mix, changing key parts of a song's arrangement, and collaborating with an artist to develop new ideas.

20 April 2022

Piano Tuning May Help Children Better Master This Instrument


Learning piano can be a very rewarding experience for a child and provide them with years of fun that can last well into adulthood and even their senior years. However, sensitive children playing on an out-of-tune piano may hate practicing and even give up their lessons in frustration. That's why piano tuning is such an important step for parents serious about their child's piano education. Why Piano Tuning Helps Children Learning This Instrument

15 February 2022

5 Topics You Can Explore in Clean Country Music


If you pay close attention to what's popular, it seems like society is obsessed with sex, alcohol, and partying. If you prefer writing or performing clean country music, then you may feel discouraged and think you'll never be successful. However, you have plenty of wholesome themes and topics out there to write songs about that will still appeal to the masses. You can find popular country songs about a variety of clean topics!

14 December 2021

4 Reasons To Pursue Learning To Play The Violin In Your Senior Years


Have you always dreamed of taking violin lessons and learning to play the violin, but life just seemed to get in the way? Being busy with work and family responsibilities can distract you from pursuing your dreams. Fortunately, it is never too late to sign up for violin lessons, and seniors may have several advantages over younger learners. You have more time Worrying about work responsibilities and raising a family can make it difficult to focus on playing the violin.

11 October 2021

Types Of Oldies Music Radio Streaming Channels To Try


If you enjoy oldies music, your music radio streaming service can give you a way to explore and find new styles and artists that you enjoy. The term oldies can encompass a huge variety of styles, from rock to musicals to blues. Not every lover of oldies enjoys every old-fashioned musical style, so you'll want to tailor your experience to the types of music you enjoy. Here are a few styles and types of oldies music to listen to on your music radio streaming service.

10 August 2021

Why Read Articles About Music Artists And The Music Industry?


Many people enjoy listening to music on a daily basis. Music can be cathartic or uplifting. It can remind you of other times in your life or make you feel more fully present. True music lovers often enjoy learning about the people behind their favorite music. Musicians have a lot to say about their creative works, and you can read all about it in interviews and articles written for music publications.

20 May 2021

4 Ways An Advanced Player Can Benefit From Piano Lessons


If you've been playing piano for years already, you may consider yourself to be an advanced piano player. You may wonder why you should take piano lessons if you already have so much piano playing ability. Fortunately, private piano lessons can still benefit you. Here are a few reasons why even an advanced player should be taking lessons from an experienced piano teacher. 1. An expert teacher can help you target your weak spots.

9 March 2021

Increasing Your Appreciation For Rock Music When Forming A Band Of Your Own


If you enjoy the sounds of traditional rock and roll and you are interested in starting a band of your own with this genre of music in the forefront, you want to look and sound as if you are a pro when it comes to the display you provide to others. Here are some options available to aid in your knowledge and appreciation expansion when it comes to rock music.

22 December 2020

5 Must-Have Pieces of Music Equipment for Your Home Studio


If you love music and want to start recording your own, you will need is a recording studio. With the right music equipment, you can have a recording studio right inside your home. If you're not sure where to start, here are five must-have pieces of music equipment for your home studio. 1. Musical Instruments Many people who record their own music play a musical instrument. An instrument can help you stay on-key as you sing, plus it makes the song sound better.

21 September 2020

Want To Be The Next Star? 3 Reasons To Hire A Country Music Songwriter


When you love to sing and country music speaks to your soul, you might be trying to come up with the next great love song. However, before you can become a big star, you will need your own music, recordings, and persona, which is why hiring a country music songwriter can come in handy. Here are three reasons to hire a country music songwriter, and why you won't regret the investment.

16 July 2020