Tips For Keeping Your Energy And Embouchure Strong During A Music Summer Camp


Music summer camps are great because they give you time and space to practice your instrument in a concentrated manner. You are going to be surrounded by people who are all trying to get better at their respective instruments, which creates an environment that will help you put more of your focus on practicing and improving than you would be able to in the regular world. However, the result of this intense practice can be burnout.

4 August 2016

Irish Folk Music: It's Not Just "Drinking" Songs!


Irish folk music is one of the most instantly recognizable music genres in the world. This style of music has gained immense popularity in the past few decades, but it has roots that actually date back to the 17th century. When the Celts arrived in Ireland, they brought with them music and instruments that dated back to ancient Europe. The Celts gained some influence from surrounding regions over time, and one of the most iconic musical sounds was born.

14 January 2016