A Humorous Musical Act Could Be Great For A Corporate Event


Corporate events attempt to mix business with social activities. Dinner and cocktails can bookend events when people speak behind a podium. The speakers might discuss new mission goals, marketing plans, and sales figures. Such information should enthuse attendees, but long speaking engagements can become dull. Non-professional speakers could come off the "same," which often makes presentations sound alike. Hiring entertainers for a corporate event, particularly musicians, can liven things up a lot.

17 March 2020

Tips For Starting A Career As A Music Composer For Television And Film


For many composers, working on television series or feature films is a huge career goal. Composing music for television or film is one way to ensure that your original creations are heard by millions. While becoming a TV or film music composer is not impossible, it does require talent, along with drive, ambition, and the willingness to work very hard. Building a career as a TV or film music composer doesn't just happen — you need to know what steps to take to help make your dream a reality.

16 January 2020