Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn To Play An Instrument


Music has historically played an active role in child development. Children study music and learn how other cultures have progressed through music. Learning to play an instrument can expand horizons for many children as they increase creative thinking and motor skills. Their health and well-being demand the enhancement that can be created by learning how to play piano or play that guitar that belonged to your father. Music will also develop motor skills and creative thinking as each bar of music is learned. Children can develop teamwork and shared goals.

Academics and Beyond

Exploration of music can assist children with their identity; as to who they are now, and will be in the future. Studies have shown how academic achievements are enhanced by music stimulation; stimulating brain waves associated with math, reading, and emotional development. Memory and learning abilities allow children to be more focused when they are exposed to music at an early age.

Active listening will benefit many things in your child's development, including conversations to build more satisfying friendships. Scientific principles are learned through the harmony and sympathetic vibrations produced by the strings of a guitar or drums with their vibrations. Understanding the rhythm, scales, and beat of music can help children associate these actions with recognizing patterns, how to divide, and create fractions. Those short-term memories will grow and create long-term memories.

Mind, Body, and Soul

Self-esteem is gained when children play an instrument. They can understand nobody is perfect, and everyone can find new ways to improve. The musical learning process develops this esteem through discipline, practice, and hard work. Children learn how to take and give criticism. Studying music is only part of the process.

Physical skills are developed, including motor skills and coordination. Percussion instruments require arms, feet, and hand movement; and is an ideal choice for high-energy children. Instruments such as the piano provide coordination between your left and right hands at the same time. Perfect timing and enhanced coordination may open-the-door to other activities such as sports or dance.

Just for fun, take your child to a music shop, like Las Vegas Pianos. Let the music engulf their little minds and spark their creativity and happiness an instrument can bring to your entire family. The pride is consumed by a parent when the accomplishments flow from the fingertips of your child. Your child will excel in areas not normally achieved. Don't wait; open some of those endless opportunities now.


3 September 2015

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