A Humorous Musical Act Could Be Great For A Corporate Event


Corporate events attempt to mix business with social activities. Dinner and cocktails can bookend events when people speak behind a podium. The speakers might discuss new mission goals, marketing plans, and sales figures. Such information should enthuse attendees, but long speaking engagements can become dull. Non-professional speakers could come off the "same," which often makes presentations sound alike. Hiring entertainers for a corporate event, particularly musicians, can liven things up a lot. Perhaps bringing in a humorous musician would be a good idea. A funny singer may add a little levity to the event and liven up the mood.

Funny Is Rarely Dull

People generally love to laugh. As long as the jokes aren't offensive, they'll allow a comic to make them smile. If a musician has the talent to make people smile and laugh during an extended song, they possess extraordinary comic genius. Such professionals are rare, and their appearance at a corporate event could be both welcome and surprising. If the comedic singer can make the audience laugh, then they would liven up an event and put attendees in a festive mood. Once the audience gets bored with the event, they might zone out. That's not a good thing considering the event might exist to get valuable information across.

Themed Music and Humor 

Connecting the music with a particular theme might work best. If the event focuses on a special company anniversary, oldies music will make sense. A comic musician who sings parody versions of old songs could be the perfect fit. When the event highlights current achievements, maybe music connected to contemporary sounds would work. Of course, the event can then book a parody-singing musician capable of spinning funny versions of modern hits, too.

Comedic and Traditional Music

Too much comedy might be, well, a bit much. Perhaps booking a more traditional musical act is advisable. The comic musician could appear in between the main act's sets. This way, the comedy portion adds desirable levity to the night but doesn't serve as the centerpiece. The comedian could come on right after dinner time when people feel a bit tired. Some humor could liven them back up. Then, later in the evening, a more somber act can play.

Choosing Different Funny Acts

A comedic solo act is one option. So is booking a band with a humorous band leader. Work with the booking office to discuss options and choose the right entertainers for the event.

For more information about booking entertainment for your event, contact a corporate event entertainment service.


17 March 2020

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