Types Of Oldies Music Radio Streaming Channels To Try


If you enjoy oldies music, your music radio streaming service can give you a way to explore and find new styles and artists that you enjoy. The term oldies can encompass a huge variety of styles, from rock to musicals to blues. Not every lover of oldies enjoys every old-fashioned musical style, so you'll want to tailor your experience to the types of music you enjoy.

Here are a few styles and types of oldies music to listen to on your music radio streaming service.

1. Classic and early rock

If you like rock music, you may be interested to hear a radio streaming channel filled with classic rock oldies. On this type of channel, you may hear the classics, such as the Beatles and other iconic rock artists who performed classic rock music in the '60s through the '80s. You may also hear early examples of rock and roll music from the fifties, as the style progressed from earlier musical influences into the more classic rock sound.

2. Doo-wop music

Doo-wop is a subgenre typically categorized under rhythm and blues. The best doo-wop music can have really catchy tunes, fun driving rhythms, and sung nonsense syllables (hence the name doo-wop) as the hallmarks of its style.

Other common characteristics include a soulful tone, group harmony singing, and a tenor as the lead singer. Many of the groups were all-male, but some were all-female or even featured both male and female singers. If you like rhythm and blues music, doo-wop can be a fun style of oldies to try out on a music radio streaming channel.

3. Jazz music

Jazz is a huge genre of music that's been around for over a century. Jazz musicians still write and perform their own compositions today, but you'll also find a huge amount of jazz music in different subgenres from the last century. If you enjoy oldies music, you'll want to try out some jazz streaming channels, which give you an opportunity to listen to some of the most famous jazz performers from long ago. Some great subcategories of oldies jazz include bebop, smooth jazz, and big band swing music.

4. Country oldies

Country music has changed quite a bit over the decades, meaning that oldies country music could sound distinctly different from the country music that's popular today. For example, in the early years of its life (such as in the 1920s), country music tended to use traditional tunes and was much closer to folk music and folk tales.

In the decades since then, country music has developed in many different ways. This means that choosing a country oldies music radio channel can give you the opportunity to listen to a wide variety of country music from different eras over the past century.

5. Rockabilly

Rockabilly music has a sound all its own. It was a precursor of typical rock and roll music but has more of a bluegrass or western flavor to it than is common with rock and roll. Elvis was known for this style of music, as well as many other famous artists of oldies music.

The rhythms and intensity of rockabilly music can make it a very fun listening experience, and it's definitely something worth trying on your music radio streaming if you enjoy rock and roll, western music, or Elvis and similar artists.

These are just a few of the huge variety of oldies music types to listen to on your music radio streaming service. As you explore, you'll find more and more music, perhaps even in styles or subgenres you hadn't heard of before. Log in to your music radio streaming service today to try out these and other types of oldies music available for your perusal.


10 August 2021

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