5 Topics You Can Explore in Clean Country Music


If you pay close attention to what's popular, it seems like society is obsessed with sex, alcohol, and partying. If you prefer writing or performing clean country music, then you may feel discouraged and think you'll never be successful. However, you have plenty of wholesome themes and topics out there to write songs about that will still appeal to the masses. You can find popular country songs about a variety of clean topics! Here are just five:

Death and Grief

As much as people don't enjoy thinking about it, death is still inevitable. By the time people reach their teenage and adult years, almost everyone will have experienced the loss of a loved one. Those feelings and emotions are difficult! Music can help people cope with missing their friends and family that have passed on. Music lets people describe feelings that are hard to put into words, but that everyone will understand. 

Love of Children

For those who experience it, parental love can be one of the most powerful emotions a person can have. Country songs that talk about loving children, watching them grow, and letting them go as they grow into adults are very popular. Some of these are songs children dance with their parents to at their weddings. Some performers even produce clean songs as a letter or message to a child, giving them advice as they go out into the world. These songs resonate with many people.

Relationships with God

Though certainly not everyone is a Christian or enjoys that music, many country music fans tend to be Christian. So, if you are a Christian, you also might consider writing or performing songs that explore your relationship with your God. These songs tend to be clean by nature. Even if you're not particularly religious, a song about finding spirituality in nature will also be very relatable to others.


Though society today is saturated by songs about love, that doesn't mean they always have to include sex or physical desires. Many people still enjoy a sweet, clean song about romantic love. True love and stable relationships are built on a lot more than sex, and if you can show that through music, couples will dance to your songs at their weddings because it will help remind them of their commitment and affection. 

Having Hope in Hard Times 

No matter what anyone's background is or what their personality is like, everyone in the whole world has been through a hard time. And when times get tough, humans look for something to give them hope. Many times, whether people recognize it or not, that thing is art or music. Life is full of ups and downs, and everyone will be able to relate with a wholesome, hopeful song to get them through a rough season.

Just because so many songs are about drinking and sex doesn't mean that's all there is to write about. You can still find success writing or performing clean country music. For more information, talk to a clean country music songwriter.


14 December 2021

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